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27 Apr

Not All Gyms Are the Same: My Favourite Gym in Hackney

Posted in Tips on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

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If you look around to check out the gyms in Hackney that we have today you could make the error in judgement to assume that all the gyms are pretty much the same. While it is true that most gyms and studios pretty much look alike from the outside (fitness equipment and such…), so does the real difference often only come to light once you take a really good look at what a gym actually offers.

I have found that the poor gyms in our area can often significantly lack when it comes to competent and qualified help and advice. Sseeing that a lot of the fitness centres today are competing with each other and as a result of this are saving money on all ends and corners to be able to offer a “bargain gym membership” this is not even surprising.

In my opinion, the best gym is the one where you know that there’s always a competent trainer around in case you need help with equipment or have any questions. The very best gyms amongst them should offer personal trainers and training classes as well. And here is where you need to be careful when you choose for a membership because not all of our fitness studios offer this! This is especially important for anyone who is new to fitness. If you’re not familiar with exercise equipment and the right routines you could as well throw away your money.

I can say that London Fields Fitness here in Hackney is definitely amongst my personal favourites but it may well be that there are other, great gyms to. So if you’re looking for information on gyms in Hackney I can highly recommended that you check them out!

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