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24 Aug

Surprise Entertainment Also for Your Sports Event!

Posted in News, Tips on 24.08.17 by Merlyn

Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and much more: surprise entertainment is currently all the hype in the United Kingdom and with good reason!

Entertainment acts such as the Singing Waiters from London can turn any type of event into an unforgettable experience. But what is great for Terry’s wedding or for Mike and Wendy’s 50th wedding anniversary can also be a great idea for sports events for all types.

The Secret Singers have just recently expanded their repertoire to not only appear for private events like weddings or birthdays but are now also performing on cruise ships or your local shopping centre. Booking them for sports events, your team’s annual outdoor barbecue or for the celebration party for their last win can be a brilliant idea.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! With the Secret Singers you can get the best in musical surprise entertainment that the UK can offer today. So check them out at

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12 May

Selecting the Right School If Your Children Love Sports

Posted in News, Tips on 12.05.15 by Merlyn

private – independent – schoolI have to say that I am often puzzled when I hear about the criteria some of my relatives and friends look at when it is about finding the right school for your children.

A good number of them thinks (and in some cases rightfully so, I have to admit!) that a school’s name and reputation is everything.

Then there are those who choose a school because someone in the family visited that same school, their choice of school is then merely a family tradition rather.

For our family, choosing a good school always involves to close look at what a school has to offer and I’m not only talking about what I would call “standard classes”. For us, extracurricular activities and in particular what a school has to offer when it comes to sports is equally important.

It is a simple fact that it can benefit your children greatly when they’re actively engaged in enjoying some team sports in school. This is something which can teach them responsibility and other qualities that maths or chemistry cannot necessarily teach them. Let’s not even mention the benefits for your children’s health when they can enjoy such activities.

On the other hand, not all schools in the United Kingdom give sports the focus and attention it deserves.

Aside from sporting activities for the children there are of course other things a school could offer them, depending on their particular interests. Maybe they don’t like soccer but what if some of your children would love to play an instrument, sing in a choir or would like to spend afternoons playing against each other in a game of chess?

I would highly recommend that you take a very close look at what a school can offer your children before you make the decision to sign your children up for it. As per my experience, private schools in the UK often have to best options available when it comes to such extracurricular activities. Just don’t make the mistake to rush this decision and always compare several schools side-by-side. If you can, allowing children a trial run for a particular school as well. This can be very helpful if you want to find the best one.

One good private school in Hertfordshire is the Kingshottschool. My children are very happy with it and this why I and my children recommended it to you!


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12 May

Fitness First Gym Chain Enjoys Growth for the First Time in Five Years

Posted in Fitness, News on 12.05.15 by Merlyn

Gym chain Fitness First has seen several rough years. Three years ago, the fitness studio came in fact close to administration. Now, the fitness gym chain with its headquarters in the UK is hailing signs that its recently implemented changes are showing a positive effect. For the first time in five years, Fitness First is reporting growth in the United Kingdom.

The gym chain’s move to focus on the upmarket rather then competing with the ever growing discount rivals is proving successful.

A spokesperson for Fitness First said on Monday that their rebranding is now beginning to pay off. The chain is now enjoying its first growth in six years. Spokesperson Andy Cosslet said that the company’s operations in Asia had seen the best performance.

He said: “We’ve worked hard to stabilise the business and create a platform for growth going forward. We reached the turning point during the latter part of 2014 as the impact of better results from a growing number of rebranded clubs started to be felt.”

Today, Fitness First has 377 locations worldwide. As of now they revamped 122 sites and plan to finish the refurbishing by the end of this year. In addition to the rebranding of their fitness studios, Fitness First plans to  further expand in Asia over the next few years, in particular its presences in India and Hong Kong.

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27 Apr

Not All Gyms Are the Same: My Favourite Gym in Hackney

Posted in Tips on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

fitness gym in Hackney-2
If you look around to check out the gyms in Hackney that we have today you could make the error in judgement to assume that all the gyms are pretty much the same. While it is true that most gyms and studios pretty much look alike from the outside (fitness equipment and such…), so does the real difference often only come to light once you take a really good look at what a gym actually offers.

I have found that the poor gyms in our area can often significantly lack when it comes to competent and qualified help and advice. Sseeing that a lot of the fitness centres today are competing with each other and as a result of this are saving money on all ends and corners to be able to offer a “bargain gym membership” this is not even surprising.

In my opinion, the best gym is the one where you know that there’s always a competent trainer around in case you need help with equipment or have any questions. The very best gyms amongst them should offer personal trainers and training classes as well. And here is where you need to be careful when you choose for a membership because not all of our fitness studios offer this! This is especially important for anyone who is new to fitness. If you’re not familiar with exercise equipment and the right routines you could as well throw away your money.

I can say that London Fields Fitness here in Hackney is definitely amongst my personal favourites but it may well be that there are other, great gyms to. So if you’re looking for information on gyms in Hackney I can highly recommended that you check them out!

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27 Apr

Golfer Falls In Hole At The Solihull Golf Club

Posted in News on 27.04.15 by Merlyn

The Birmingham mail reports an accident at the Solihull golf club this past week. According to the report,  a golfer needed to be rescued after he fell down a 35 feet embankment while playing on the course.

The accident happened at the Copt Heath Golf Course on Thursday afternoon. An ambulance crew with several paramedics  was called to the accident scene to attend to the injured golfer.

The man was fortunate enough to not fall into a lake at the bottom of the embankment. Rescue services treated him then formed a human chain to pull him back up the bank.

The golfer was then rushed to nearby Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service to the press: “The man was assessed and found to have sustained a nasty head injury, lacerations to his face and a black eye. Whilst the man was being administered pain relief and first aid, ambulance staff had to hold onto the man to prevent him from slipping into the lake.

She added: “The man was carefully carried up the embankment by ambulance staff who had formed a human chain. Once in the back of the ambulance, the man was taken to Heartlands Hospital for further assessment and treatment.”

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25 Feb

My Tip: The Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival

Posted in Tips on 25.02.15 by Merlyn


Almost any horse racing enthusiast is looking forward to March! Why?

Because March is arguably the best and most exciting month if we’re talking about horse racing here in the UK!

One exciting event I am always looking forward to at this time of the year is the Cheltenham Festival, the four day horse racing event that takes place this year from Tuesday 10th March through until Friday 13th March!

One thing is for sure,  Cheltenham has really grown very important when it comes to horse racing. It’s an event that always attracts big crowds at all four days of the meeting, there’s a  race highlight to look forward to on each day.

For those who are curious now, there is a Champion Hurdle day that is deeply embedded in racing folklore and has produced many a great such as Istabraq, Sea Pigeon and Hurricane Fly.

The two mile race at Queen Mother Champion Chase day is another exciting event to look forward to!

I can recommend that you check the Cheltenham Festival Website where you can learn about all the races and events going on this March! Plus…if you need some strategies to bet I  recommend you check the Horse Racing Pro’s site and get yourself some solid racing tips as well!

See you soon at Cheltenham!!

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